TEGEA manufactures technical articles and coats wheels and rollers in silicone.

Silicone has excellent resistance to temperature:

         + 200°

         + 250° C for HT products (high temperatures)

The silicon produced by Tegea can be produced with the following food certifications:

         – FDA

         – European Regulation 1935/2004

         – Ministerial Decree 21/03/73, as amended

Silicone is a product with excellent anti-abrasion properties, but it is a product with dynamic properties and very low mechanical properties

Tegea manufactures silicones with hardness from 8 sh. A to 90 sh. A

Tegea manufactures silicone objects or products coated with silicone, such as blades, wheels, rollers, pads, etc.

The following are materials on which silicone can be coated:
iron, aluminium, ordinary steel, stainless steel, cast iron, plastic, etc.