MOCA — Certified materials to come into contact with food

Tegea S.r.l. informs that some materials accompanied by the MOCA statement, in accordance with the latest European and Italian Law requirements regarding materials and objects that will come into contact with food, were included in the range of its available materials. The products comply with the Reg. EU 1935/2004, the Reg. EU 10/2011, the Reg. EU 2023/2006 and the DM No. 34 of 21/03/1973 and their subsequent amendments.

  • In detail, we would highlight:
    4FOOD® polyurethane, with hardnesses from 55ShA to 95ShA (also certified according to the American FDA standard), light blue or neutral standard color;
  • SILCOTE Series, platinic silicones with hardnesses from 10ShA to 30ShA, neutral / white standard color;
  • SILATEG Series, peroxidic silicones with hardnesses from 40ShA to 80ShA, neutral / white standard color.

The polyurethanes of 4FOOD® Serie are resistant to oils and water (at temperatures below 40 ° C) and suitable to work in environments with temperatures up to 90-100 ° C. They have also good tear and abrasion resistance.

SILCOTE e SILATEG silicone’s Series are materials with good mechanical properties, suitable for use with temperatures up to 200 ° C and upon request they can also be certified according to the American FDA CFR 21 and the German BFR — Chapter XV regulations, and the SILATEG series could be certified also in accordance with the French Journal Officiel — Brochure 1227.