TEGEA manufactures industrial technical articles made of Adiprene, Polyurethane, rubber, silicone, Viton and plastic.

Tegea was established in 1988 to satisfy the needs of customers who have equipment in their production processes with the following problems:

  • High abrasion;

  • High loads;

  • High noise levels;

  • Contact with chemical agents;

  • Other problems…

Creating a modern and flexible structure, both from an organisational and plant point of view, the company is now on the national and international market as a manufacturer of high quality technical industrial articles, coating rollers and wheels with high-power wear resistant material.

The following are the company’s main objectives:

  • To provide HIGH QUALITY materials and workmanship;

  • To ensure prompt deliveries;

  • Dealing with customers to solve problems inherent their scope of application.

Currently, TEGEA’S production systems are only latest generation systems, with numerical control and the highest manufacturing levels in the industry, both in terms of quality and quantity.

The unpolished materials used and controlled by our internal laboratory, associated with the advanced technology of our production departments, ensure high quality products from all points of view:

  • Compounds and formulations are controlled in all production phases;

  • Polyurethane-metal attachments are guaranteed by rigid production procedures;

  • Manufactured products are compact and free of blowholes;

  • The finishing of the machine tools and other machinery are aimed at ensuring the maximum level of aesthetics and efficiency in the subsequent use of the products.