All machining of metallic cores, pre-coating treatments, finishes of coatings and moulds, are performed in our factory departments with the latest machinery and equipment.
The moulds are designed internally with consequent improvement of their functionality.
Adiprene, Polyurethane, rubber and silicone machining and finishing is completely internal, which ensures high quality finished products, thanks to strict internal procedures. It also accelerates delivery times.
Our workshop, equipped in such a way as to meet the most demanding requirements, in addition to producing moulds for internal use, is able to carry out all those post-casting machining and finishing of articles that would not otherwise be possible.
In regard to coatings, the finishing is performed with highly technological machine tools;
They do the following:
– Removal and disposal of old coatings.
– Repairs of pins and bearing housings
– Tolerance machining.

The following processes are generally carried out in relation to the coating of cylinders:
– Turning
– Grinding
– Lining