4FOOD® Polyurethane

4FOOD® is a registered trademark of TEGEA and identifies food contact certified Polyurethane.

  • For a product to conform to food contact specifications it is not enough to have food certification for the raw materials used, since the production process for transformation of the compounds into the finished product can alter the food properties. This is why TEGEA tests and certifies all products submitted for “food contact” through accredited laboratories, therefore complying with strict and certified procedures for all production phases within its workshops up to the packaging and shipping of the products to the end customer.

The following are the certifications that TEGEA holds in regard to 4FOOD® Polyurethane:

  • FDA

  • Regulation EC 1935/2004

  • Ministerial Decree of 21.03.73, as amended

4FOOD® Polyurethane feels and looks exactly like another Polyurethane or Adiprene and like these materials, it has excellent physical and mechanical properties.
4FOOD® Polyurethane is oil resistant, resistant to cold water, (it is affected by continuous use in water at temperatures of over 40°C), resistant to acids and cleaning solvents, and can be used with temperatures from – 40°C to + 90°C.


  • high resistance to abrasion, traction, bending, excellent impact resistance and high load capacity.

  • excellent weather resistance, excellent resistance to water

  • low coefficient of friction without lubrication for high hardness articles,

  • high coefficient of friction on low hardness articles,

  • easily workable,

  • good resistance to low temperatures

Excellent material for:

shock absorbers,





wheels and roller finishing,

other articles

  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +90 °C cwith peaks up to 110°C

  • Operating temperature in water: up to 40°C continuous; performance worsens quickly at higher temperatures.

  • Hardness: 60 sh. A 95 sh. A.

We manufacture in accordance any particular customer specifications in 4FOOD® Polyurethane and vulcanized Polyurethane on iron, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and plastic.