4FOOD Polyurethane centrifuged plates

Centrifuged plates have a consistent thickness with a tolerance of +/- 0.2 mm.

They can be produced smooth, ribbed on one side and smooth on the other, abraded on one or both sides. Abraded plates are particularly suitable for subsequent bonding. Centrifuged plates are also excellent for making tiles and profiles for subsequent welding/gluing onto straps or other media.

However, centrifuged plates are subject to minimum production quantities and standard sizes. In order to supply a wide range of sizes, TEGEA has 11 production machines.

The following are sizes we can manufacture:

  • 2060 x 500 x thickness of 0.5/15 mm.
  • 3050 x 520 x thickness of 1/15 mm.
  • 3150 x 520 x thickness of 1/15 mm.
  • 3660 x 520 x thickness of 1/15 mm.
  • 3660 x 1000 x thickness of 1/15 mm.
  • 3660 x 480 x thickness of 3/15 (ribbed) mm.

The hardness we can achieve ranges from 60 sh. A to 95 Sh. A Centrifuged plates may be employed in various sectors, the properties of the elastomers we use are excellent for resistance to abrasion, acids and solvents and hydrocarbons; They have excellent cut resistance properties. 4Food® Polyurethane centrifuged plates are accompanied by food certification.